Travelling at 80

Six months after the fall when I fractured my hip, I headed to Spain.    In Albuquerque, the Delta personnel were very attentive and I got to enter the plane second as a slow passenger.  Of course I had pulled out my new portable cane and leaned on it from time to time.  The Atlanta personnel were more harried and the passengers more hurried.  A large family with kids ranging from 12 to 20 insisted on boarding first.  I followed them and although I was told someone would help me with my suitcase, it was a passenger who heaved it into the overhead bin so that the other passengers could get to their seats.

My seat mate was a recently retired Spanish teacher from Milwaukee.  Her husband was working in Germany and they were meeting in Barcelona for a long weekend.  The time went fast chatting and the meal, a shrimp salad, was surprisingly good.  The comfort seats don´t seem to have as much room as several years ago.  The 20 year olds on the family cruise bounced around and moved the seat back and forth.  They reminded me of Arabs in the Middle East back in the 50s who had never travelled in a plane before who would not have been so petulant when asked to be more considerate.

In Barcelona I was grateful for the wheelchair as we zipped past the passport control areas and out to the coffee bar.  After my second breakfast, I explored the bus area.  I asked the driver of the bus I would take two hours later where to buy the tickets since he was not selling them and he pointed to an area about 30 feet away.  It was an automatic ticket machine which would not accept my credit card without a code from the Hife bus line.  The bus had already pulled out.

Two hours later the bus returned, but I could not buy the ticket from him.  Instead I would buy it from the bus which comes from Barcelona and picks up the airport passengers waiting on the side of the highway.  Three and a half hours later I arrived in Benicarló after changing in Amposta at the north end of the Delta del Ebro.  We drove through Sant Carles de la Rápita, stopping several times to let passengers on and off the bus, and then at the bus stop in Vinaròs.  From my house in Albuquerque to my house in Càlig it was 28 hours.









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