Internet Frustrations

I ended last summer’s travel blog writing about the frustrations of using the internet in Spain.  This summer began on the same note.  Fabián and Martha went to the Cultural Center in Càlig where now there are only two functioning computers.  Fortunately, Martha can bring her own and connect.  The table is a little high and the wrists become strained after awhile.  One is able to visit with people coming to meetings in the Center and with the woman who runs the library-computer center (?).  Her son still likes to run around the room with his friends.  Fabián easily made friends with the Arab kids who hang out and read or use the computers.  One day he even watched stray dogs run around the tables.  Somebody asked him if they were his.


When the center is closed (which is all day and weekends), we went to internet cafes in Benicarlo and Vinaros.  The coffee is usually good in these places, but the music caters to a younger crowd.  Sometimes they are there enjoying being with their friends.


Martha found it difficult to concentrate in these situations and explored other options.  The Orange modem from last year was still available for daily or monthly use, but it is slower than the latest dial up she used to use.  A friend mentioned Movistar (what used to be Telefonica, the national Spanish phone company).  The Movistar cell phone does work in the house, so I contracted for the Movistar.  Now if I can get out of it after only a month!  However, for the moment it is great and I can even use Skype.

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