internet in càlig

For a few years I had dial-up internet in Càlig until I asked for a new phone and then internet service mysteriously disappeared. No explanation was given although I called repeatedly for a few weeks. I resigned myself to nightly visits to the Cultural Center to work on PCs from the 90s for 1 euro an hour. Last year I was able to plug in and use my own computer, but, in July, they had computer classes. There is no internet cafe in Calig and few in nearby towns. At one point I discovered a space in a shopping center with tables and free wifi. The sign is still there but the tables are gone. I began inquiring about portable modems which have gone down in price. The problem is the reception in Càlig is not good and the prices vary for service. I decided on Orange, a French company, because I could get a month for about what I was paying on a daily basis, 35 euros. The modem cost 39 but I reasoned I would have it for other years and in Madrid. The clerk said something about 24 hours.. which I didn’t grasp. When I got home, I couldn’t connect so I called Orange and the voice with a Latin American accent told me I had to pay for the service at the store where I bought it. I go back the next day and the friendly clerk said something about I had 24 hours to buy the service which I did.

It would take up to two hours to see a yahoo message.. and it got slower and slower so I went back to the store several days later. They took the computer and the modem overnight and the following day told me that it wasn’t programmed for Mac although the box clearly said Mac. He worked with someone in Australia and got it set up. 25 euros more. I could now get yahoo in 5 minutes. However after a few days I again had no service. Back to the store and the mild mannered clerk who informed me I hadn’t bought a month’s service rather ten days because I hadn’t called some number when I got home that first day after I paid the 35 euros.
“I told you, ” he said, and it;s in the instructions.”

I said I hadn’t understood (the system more than the Spanish) and hadn’t seen it in the instructions.

I decided against buying more time — I had already spent 100 euros for around 6 days of connections. I am back at the Cultural Center for a euro an hour and wondering what I’ll do next year.

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